Show Unread in Gmail: Here's a cool Gmail tip that I recently found handy. If you would like it to show only the unread emails in a particular folder/label, all you need to do is search for "label:yourlabel label:unread".

Pittsburgh Trivia: If you're in town, check out some of the cool Pittsburgh Steps---the ones on the southside slopes likely come with a great view of the hills, the river(s), and of course, downtown Pittsburgh for free. Walking the long ones up will always be more rewarding :) Plus there are the usual suspects of taking the Incline up Mt. Washington, Fallingwater, Strip District on a Saturday, North Side Museums, etc.

Thought for Food: (Restaurant choices in Bangalore, with bias towards the veggies).
Brahmin's Coffee Bar (for the idli+vada), Veena Stores (softest idlis, good vada, sweet pongal), Ganesh Darshan (dosa+coffee).

Coffee! Last but not least, do check out my wife Divya's Indian coffee venture Madrush Coffee if you want fresh Indian coffees shipped across the USA; if you live in India, she's got you covered as well with Beachville Coffee Roasters. And if you host at Airbnb, check out Pricelabs, an exciting startup of my undergraduate friend Anurag!

And some credits: I used Bootstrap to design this webpage. For my publications, I used the bibtex-js tool which takes in a bibtex and outputs a html page using javascript -- for the specific implementation and template, I used Manuela Veloso's style, many thanks for that!